I’m doing a talk tomorrow at King’s as part of an initiative in which pupils are “discovering the attractions and potential of healthcare science”.

I’ll be talking about communicating science and, partly for the benefit of any participants who want the links here are the main points I’ll be making:

Firstly, Science Gallery London is a new initiative at King’s where 15-25 year olds can set the agenda for conversations where science and art collide. I’m the director but actually the model is all about building a space where the audience control the content.

Then I’ll be talking about the different ways you could communicate a recent study reported as ‘ketchup with everything‘. I was going to discuss the relation betweenmenthol cigarettes and smokingamongst teens but wanted to get the tone right. I’ll mostly be referring to the write-up in the excellent NHS Choices ‘Behind the Headlines‘ site.

Finally I’ll refer to the recent study of public attitudes to science conducted byIpsos-MORI and written up by the always excellent Alice Bell in the Guardian.

We’ll also be talking about our new ‘Frequencies: Tune in to your life’ initiative. Watch this space for more on that.