Party planning in a foreign country for an event with uncertain numbers is always a nerve-wracking business. A couple of hours before the San Francisco Salon, my co-host Cosima and I went shopping for cushions (in case there were too many people to sit on the existing furniture in her shared apartment) and then fell to catering. As often when brains are involved we were looking for a balance. No food and there was a risk that it would become a student party. But equally, with no budget we didn’t feel like catering for the whole of Haight-Ashbury. (Actually we did offer out the focaccia at the end of the party.) To my ear, TraderJoes sounded a bit like a midwestern Lidl, but we were assured by our checkout guy that in fact it’s one of the few US casual employers to offer healthcare and pension. As @AOC says, it’s not AI itself that should be frightening in the work context, but rather the fact that if you lose your job you might be left to die.