This year, I became the first scientist to judge the Man Booker

I found it odd that there had never been a scientist as a Man Booker judge. There have been many non-literary types amongst the judges: a former spy, a…


Reach out for Healthcare Science

I’m doing a talk tomorrow at King’s as part of an initiative in which pupils are “discovering the attractions and potential of healthcare science”. I’ll be talking about…


Some of the projects at Wellcome Trust

And again for one reason and another I thought I would pull together some of couple of the larger projects my team commissioned at Wellcome Trust over the…


Pulling together some videos

For one reason and another I thought would gather together some of the talks and discussions I’ve done that are available online. There’s a very informal one I…


Olympic legacy and 1851

Was invited to comment on the UCL V&A announcement for the olympic park at Stratford Waterfront by the Evening Standard, and here’s the letter they published yesterday: 5 December 2013 BEFORE…


Meeting at the Science Gallery

In my new role as Director of Science Gallery London at King’s College London I often meet people at the site. The easiest place for this is at the…


Christopher Wren brain imaging

Here is a link to an image Christopher Wren made in the 1660s of the anatomy of the brain which beautifully illustrates the system of blood supply now…


Twin science

Looking at the story of the conjoined twins who have been successfully separated. You can read about the circle of Willis and Christopher Wren here and some of…


Links to what we’ve been up to

The special projects team I head at Wellcome Trust have been busy over the summer. Biggest thing is probably the olympic-related experiment for every school child in Britain….

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Slightly irreverent talk about the brain and education

The nice people at sameas have posted a link to a talk I gave in a pub about what neuroscience should or shouldn’t tell us about education. (Contains no…